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Metal Mesh for Animal Enclosures

Dog Cage

Animal Enclosures can come in many forms depending the type of animal and your requirements such as Bird Aviaries, Cat Runs, Dog Kennels, Guinea Pig Runs, Rabbit Runs, Chicken Runs, Ferret Cages, Pigeon Lofts. 

Can also be used for the larger animals including Zoos, Animal Sanctuaries, Wild Life Parks and many others.

Small mesh can be used for reptile enclosures.  Suggested size ¼” square.

½” x 1” aviary mesh is suitable for small birds such as budgies and canaries.

1” is suitable for rabbit runs and catteries.

2” is used generally for dog runs and kennels.

Kennel Run Gate

Framed fabricated dog kennel panels using heavy welded mesh 2"x2"x10g welded into a frame .

Panels can be bolted together to make kennel size of your choice also with lockable entrance gate.

Chicken Run Extension

Chicken run extension in green.

Dog Pen

Dog Pen